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Why do airlines feel that people that fly business or first class are more important as a passenger than someone who flies coach or main cabin?

Because we who do not travel first class are not important.

This is Dr David Anh Duy Dao, a Vietnamese physician

who bought a ticket from United Airlines in 2017.

He did not buy a first class ticket, therefore, he was not important in the eyes of United Airlines.

United allowed him to board the plane as normal, then once he was in his seat on the plane, they decided to take his seat away.

Why? They wanted to give his seat to one of their employees instead. Their employees are important, their passengers outside of first class are not important.

What could he do to them? Why should they care about his ticket? He was not important, their employees were.

When Dr Dao objected, United employees, along with airport police, assaulted him, bloodied his face, and dragged him off the plane as stunned passengers watched and filmed the beating.

Why were they able to do this?

He was not first class. He was not important in their eyes.

United was free to, in the words of their CEO, “re-accommodating the customers”, or in plain English, beat him bloody and drag him away.

It was easier to assault a passenger than book their employee on another flight. Yes, this was departing out of a busy airport and there were plenty of alternative flights their employee could have taken on other airlines, but why bother?

A passenger is only important in United’s eyes if they fly first class. When they don’t? The solution is simple:

Words are meaningless in the face of evidence.

Does the picture at the top depict the treatment of someone the airline considered “important”?


Source: Quora

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