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What makes the Boeing 777 special? Do pilots like the 777?

Simply put, the Boeing Triple Seven is the finest airplane designed by Boeing for perpetuity, that including its relatively trouble free entry into service, which also set be ETOPs standards.

    • The Boeing 777–300ER is by far the most successful variant of the Triple Seven family. (All images Boeing from the jet’s fight test campaign.)

It is the first 100% digitally designed aircraft, the first fly-by-wire Boeing jetliner. It is the largest twinjet airliner. The design is maintenance friendly, with a dedicated maintenance access terminal on the large flightdeck, and very flexible cabin design for multiple configurations.

The Boeing 777 has an incredibly fault tolerant design architecture — of its structure, systems and flight control laws, with flight envelope protections available on both the aircraft’s 3 primary flight control computers and 4 actuator control electronics (ACE). The airplane features novel software for normal operations (tail strike protection), and for adverse conditions (thrust asymmetry compensation).

From a pilot’s point of view, the feedback and feel computer inputs be the aircraft into the flight controls gives the pilot a sensation that they’re flying a cable-driven machine, such as the 747–400.

The aircraft and its engines have proved incredibly reliable. The aircraft’s size and capability — particularly that of the 777–300ER — has allowed it to replace traditional 747 operations at significant savings to its airline operators. In all, around 2,000 have been sold — the most popular widebody of the jetage.


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