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What is the worst thing you have heard a pilot announce to the passengers during a flight?

I may have written about this before, but here goes:

We were climbing out of LAX eastbound over the mountains at night. There were massive thunderstorms all over the mountains. My first officer was giving the PA while I was playing with the radar and trying to fly in between and around all the red storm cells on the radar.

I was busy and not closely listening to my new and inexperienced first officer’s PA. Then I noticed he had suddenly stopped talking in the middle of his PA and was bent over looking at the radar screen.

He was like this for a number of seconds, then stopped and return giving his PA announcement, and I was listening now to him.

Getting back on the PA, he said to my horror, “Sorry, I was a little spaced-out there for a moment.” Immediately my flight attendant ‘dinged’ me, saying dramatically, “Did you just hear what he said?” I said yes and we talked about what to say if anything as a follow-up. She then said the passengers thought it was a joke and maybe we should just let it alone.

I was certain someone would write the airline complaining what he said, but I never heard anything about it, thereafter.

Source: Quora

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