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What is it like to be a flight attendant for Emirates?

A good friend of mine used to be an air hostess at Emirates.
The Good.

  • It is a well-paid job.
  • Emirates provides apartments in Dubai for its staff and they stay in 4-star hotels when they are working.
  • Emirates provide excellent medical and dental care.
  • Dubai has a large ex-pat community and there is plenty of fun and frolics behind closed doors.

The Bad.

  • My friend spoke of how she saw friends become addicted to the material lifestyle. How they felt they couldn’t leave Emirates and go home to Europe, because they would never get the equivalent pay as an air hostess in Europe. But without family and with a shifting community of friends, their lives in Dubai were empty.
  • Several of her friends got into serious trouble for what would to us be minor transgressions. eg One forgot to leave enough money in her account to cover her car payment. She was arrested on a Thursday arriving back into Dubai, and was not released until Sunday. Another was fired for getting pregnant while not married.

So if you are thinking of joining Emirates as an air hostess, go, enjoy yourself (but not too much), save a bit of money and plan on going home after 5 or 6 years.

Source: Quora

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