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What happens if a flight attendant is late?

I was a newbie, still on probation when I got a call from crew sked asking where I was. I said I was home sitting on the deck in the sun. The crew scheduler said I was supposed to be on a plane and had missed my flight.

I nearly fainted in fear. I loved that job back then. I was terrified I’d be fired.

I asked what to do and the crew scheduler said call my supervisor Monday morning. It was a Saturday when I missed my flight.

Monday came and I was sitting outside my supervisor’s office in full uniform when she arrived. She asked what I was doing there. I was on days off. I told her there would be a report on her desk from crew sked that she needed to read, then she could talk to me.

A minute later she called me into her office and told me to close the door and sit down. Not a good sign.

I closed the door but remained standing in front of her desk.

She asked what had happened.

I said, “It’s all my fault. I have no excuse. It will never happen again.”

She was clearly taken aback having expected a litttany of excuses.

After a few seconds she simply said, “Thank you. That’s all, see you Wednesday for your shift.”

I went home and all was good.

Stand up and own your shit. It’s a good life lesson. I should have been fired but owning it without excuse saved me I am sure.

Source: quora

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