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What do flight attendants get sick of hearing from passengers?

To be honest, the number one thing is hearing all about their health issues when asking for a cup of water. If you’d like a glass of water, just ask for one. “May I please have a cup of water?” Usually this is during boarding— the craziest part of the flight. We don’t care if you need to take a pill, or you’re SOOO thirsty. At this point, just tell us what you need! We’ll be happy to get that for you.

During beverage and meal service, although we have been approaching their row AND just served the row in front of them, they are still wearing their headsets and when we do get to their row they start futzing around with the video system trying to pause the entertainment. We have to ask at least 2–4 times for their choices. To the response of “huh?” Sometimes, we actually have to remind them to remove their headsets since they still can’t hear us!

“But, I did it on my last flight!” We must follow both company rules, and federal regulations. Did you know that flight attendants can be PERSONALLY fined more than $10,000 by the FAA for disobeying Federal Air Regulations? Even if another flight attendant chose not to enforce a regulation before, this doesn’t mean that the regulation doesn’t exist.

AND MY ARCH NEMESIS… “THEY!” “They” told me to take any seat. “They” told me that there would be food on this flight. “They” told me the flight was wide open! “They” told me I could have a whole row. If anyone can locate “THEY,” I want to meet THEY!

Source: Quora

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