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Prime Theory Emerges in Nepal ATR Crash

The mystery of why the plane crashed might have been solved, but new questions have been raised.

One of the more mysterious airliner crashes in recent years might have been caused by a simple, deadly mistake. In mid-January, a Yeti Airlines ATR-72 crashed in Pokhara, Nepal while on approach to the new airport there. The crash killed all 72 crew and passengers aboard the twin-engine turboprop plane. On February 13th, investigators released their factual findings, confirming the suspected cause of the loss of control, though questions remain.

Videos that came to light shortly after the crash showed the flight was in trouble. One of them, taken by a resident who lived nearby, shows the plane slowing considerably and then going out of control. The other was a Facebook livestream taken from inside the plane’s cabin by a passenger who perished moments later.

Source: https://www.planeandpilotmag.co
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