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Photos of the Aftermath of LATAM Flight LA2213 In Lima


Photos on social media show the damage to the Airbus A320neo and the firetruck it collided with on Friday in Lima, Peru killing two aviation firefighters.

According to avherald.com, while performing an emergency drill, the firetruck did not have permission to cross the runway and the pilots had received clearance for takeoff. As flight LA2213 was acculturating for takeoff, the firetruck crossed the plane’s path. The pilots attempted to reject the takeoff but could not stop at the speeds they were traveling and collided with the truck while the aircraft was at 127 knots (around 235 km/h or 146 MPH).

The impact with the truck caused the right main gear to collapse and triggered a fire around the right engine. All 102 passengers and six crew evacuated with four passengers suffering serious injuries and 36 receiving minor injuries. Two firefighters in the truck were killed on impact, while another was listed today to be in critical condition in ICU.

The photos show that the aircraft sustained substantial damage, and the fire truck was destroyed.



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