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Is the 747-8 bigger than the a380?

The Boeing 747–8, a beautifully elegant airplane, a heir to the 747–400, is not bigger than the Airbus A380.

(Image: Wikipedia)

Boeing did not want the 747–8 to be equivalent to or larger than the size of the A380.

Rather, it is conceived as the successor of the popular 747–400. It focuses on improving the passenger experience and capacity, reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions, while still retaining the iconic 747 structural design.

This means that, inherently, the 747–8’s upper deck will not be nearly as spacious as the A380. Hence, the maximum passenger capacity will also be less than the A380.

▲ Side-by-side comparison of the two jumbo jets

Compared to the A380, the 747–8 is longer, but other than that, its dimensions do not prevail over the A380.

The A380 is bigger in height, in width, in wingspan, in wing area, in capacity, in weight and in power.

▲ Boeing 747–8 on top of the A380 (in grey)

So, the overall size of the Boeing 747–8 is not bigger than that of the A380.


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