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In a typical year of full time flying, how many things occur that scare an airline pilot?

“Scare” may be a little extreme, but I have been pretty damn shaken up a few times in 30 years of military and airline flying. Most of the incidents were in the military, mainly because I was young and less aware (read stupid) of what I was getting myself into.

However, read on. I believe I earn my yearly pay about 5 times a year. Approximately that many times each year I have to do something in the cockpit that quite possibly saves the aircraft, the people on board, the numerous lawsuits that will surely follow and myself. The upside is, few people other than the other pilot on board ever know about it. I truly don’t mean to overdramatize it, but that’s really our job. Preparing for hazards. We don’t practice cruising at altitude on autopilot in the simulator twice a year, we practice the things that go wrong.

Source: Quora

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