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If you are flying in an airplane while an earthquake occurs below you, can you visually see the earthquake occurring below you?

In 1965 there was an earthquake in the central zone of Chile.

According to what my father told me, the pilot of a passenger plane that was approaching Santiago saw that the valley was covered in dust and he lost sight of the runway. At that moment he thought the world was ending, and he would have nowhere to land.

The strongest earthquakes generally kick up dust, start localized fires from ruptured gas mains, and cause blackouts from falling power lines or pylons.

Vehicles that collide or fall can also catch fire.

A tsunami (or tidal wave) originating from the earthquake changes the inundated surfaces of the coast, and something similar can cause the rupture of dams in nearby cities.

The photo shows Sendai Bay in Japan after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, as seen from a US Navy aircraft.

The earthquake is not perceived, but its effects can be seen from above, such as rising dust, smoke from fires, blackouts or flooded surfaces.


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