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How does Boeing deliver small jets like the 737 to countries beyond the aircraft’s range, like Seattle to Sydney?

I’ve answered this before, don’t know what happened to the answer. I used to deliver Fokker 100s all over the world. This airliner has an even shorter range than the 737.

One trip from California to Singapore went through Vancouver, Anchorage, Anadyr (Siberia), Petropavlovsk, Beijing, another Chinese airport whose name eludes me, Manila and finally, Singapore. A colleague went to Asia in the same type of plane by going to the Aleutians, then down to Midway Island, then island hopping. Went to Europe many times. I’ve taken many small planes to Europe, South Asia and the Middle East. One had no ferry tanks and a range of about 400–500 nautical miles. We went to Montreal, Wabush, Iqaluit, Nuuk, Kulasuk, Reykjavik, Höfn, the Faroe Islands, Stornoway, Glasgow and Manchester. It looked like this:

It can be done with almost any airplane. There are more airports than one might think in this world. Sometimes one lands at an airport simply because it’s on the way to somewhere else.


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