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Ghana Airlines Eyes Q3 2023 Launch

The Ghanaian government’s goal of having a new flag carrier for the African nation is getting closer to being realized. With the country’s new national airline currently busy getting all of the necessary paperwork in order, a formal launch is expected in the third quarter of this year. Let’s take a look at what this means for Ghana Airlines.

The story so far
The need for Ghana to establish a new national airline arose from the fact that, for over a decade, the West African nation has been without a flag carrier. This role was previously served by Ghana Airways, which operated from 1958 to 2004, when debts and a ban from the US spelled the end for the airline. Ghana International Airlines then took over as the national carrier from 2005 to 2010.

Last year, with the world of commercial aviation now sailing in smoother waters after two years of uncertainty amid the coronavirus pandemic, Ghana put its plans for a new flag carrier into full swing. In September 2022, it announced that, after considering bids from various parties, Ashanti Airlines had been selected to work with the government to establish a new flag carrier for Ghana.

Two months later, the Ghanaian government provided a further update, announcing its intentions to launch the carrier in 2023. While it didn’t specify a particular time of year when making this announcement, more details have emerged.

Aiming for the third quarter
Indeed, as News Ghana reported this morning, the new Ghanaian flag carrier, known in full as Ghana Airlines Limited, is set to take to the skies in the third quarter of 2023. Initially flying domestically, the carrier later intends to serve international destinations as far afield as the likes of London Heathrow Airport and New York JFK.

The airline has been able to set this goal following progress in obtaining all the necessary documentation to get off the ground. News Ghana notes that, having already received its Air Carrier License (ACL), Ghana Airlines is also close to completing the steps required to get hold of its Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC). Kwaku Ofori Asiamah, the Ghanaian Government’s Transport Minister, stated:

“The time has come to return Ghana to the aviation map. The new airline will bring pride and hope to the millions of Ghanaians as we rediscover our slogan: Ghana Airlines – The Pride of Africa.”

Source: Simple Flying

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