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Crash: Goma Express L410 near Goma on Nov 3rd 2022, contact lost enroute, ELT received

A Goma Express Let-410, registration 9S-GPK performing a freight flight from Kasese to Goma (DR Congo) with 2 crew, departed Kasese at about 15:00L (13:00Z), however, contact was lost with the aircraft. The aircraft did not arrive in Goma or any other airport in reach.

Goma Airport reported 9S-GPK has been declared missing after no contact and sign of life has been received from the aircraft for more than 3 hours past estimated arrival.

On Nov 4th 2022 an ELT signal was received from the aircraft at position S2.0267 E28.06 about 75nm westsouthwest of Goma.

On Nov 4th 2022 a local pilot operating his aircraft in the vicinity of 9S-GPK reported: “Weather at the time in Gomas TMA was extremely poor in hard IMC with low cloud and rain. … “.

On Nov 5th 2022 a first photo from the crash site surfaced showing the wreckage in correct colours in the midst of trees (consistent with the sat photos around the ELT position).

Kasese’s Airfield in Maniema district is located at coordinates S1.6380 E27.0853 located about 130nm west of Goma.

Source: avherald

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