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Cockpit videos of 737 landings show pilots “dancing” on the yoke with very rapid extreme movements. Why do GA pilots never use the yoke that way?

When I see videos of pilots yanking the controls I always get the feeling like they are correcting their own induced oscillations. You see, most airplanes especially, the larger ones have hydraulically actuated controls. As a pilot, you are not moving the controls directly, but the hydraulic actuators are. What you feel in the controls is what comes thorough an artificial feel system installed in the airplane. So, in a modern heavy airliner the amount of control movement that is required should be a lot less (even in windy conditions) when compared to a cable controlled GA aircraft.

I see a lot of crazy control movements by pilots specially on Instagram videos. Some of these pilots are part time fitness models who goes to gym and are pretty fit. They have hands like Popeye which can be seen in their overly tight uniforms. These guys, I am pretty sure can control an airplane without much help. Unfortunately, most pilots like me do little exercise apart from the occasional jog. So, we need help. For non muscular pilots like us, we use either a wheel like this:

Or a switch like this:

..Or in Airbus case no trim at all because it has auto trim in normal law.

These magical accessories in the cockpit can trim the control loads for you so that you can fly the aircraft quite relaxed. I would urge those fitness model pilots to use them a bit more often.

I know I am being a bit sarcastic. I have flown Dash 8s in gusty conditions in excess of 30 plus knot crosswinds. Once you trim it, the aircraft flies by itself. All you need after that is smooth control inputs. In jet aircraft, it should be far easier to do so, because they have more powerful trims and hydraulic controls.

Source: Quora

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