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Can I get a pilot license with a DUI?

You MIGHT be able to obtain a recreational or private license, though that is a “maybe”. For example, John Denver had a DUI and the FAA required him to go to alcohol classes, and therapy, and to abstain from all alcohol consumption. He got a second one and he was then revoked. (Fun fact – he was flying illegally at the time of his death as his certificate had been revoked for alcoholism.) You will need to disclose your DUI and it will come up during your medical and traffic records check. It then becomes up to the FAA as to whether or not you can hold an airman’s certificate. The older and long ago the DUI was the more likely you are to get a license. Expect to spend a good sum on legal fees and consultants for the FAA medical. That’s for a private license to “fly for fun” with no money involved. If you have ANY aspirations beyond that forget it. Nobody will hire someone with a DUI even if they have a license. The “pilot shortage” is a myth. There are 100 or more applicants for every job, 99 of whom DONT have a DUI. You wouldn’t get hired by the Medellin Cartel much less a legitimate airline.

Source: Quora

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