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BREAKING: Max Air makes emergency landing in Abuja

A Max Air aircraft, flight VM1645, on Saturday evening made an emergency landing in Abuja after the pilot detected a fault.

Chronicle NG reports that the Abuja to Lagos bound Boeing 737 MAX aircraft developed a fault midair, causing the plane to stop-start.

After several attempts by the pilot to fire the plane failed, he announced that the aircraft will have to return to Abuja about 25 minutes after it left the Abuja airport.

A Chronicle NG staff on the flight noted that the plane eventually landed in Abuja and was forcefully brought to a stop on the ramp of the airport.

The plane had to be towed as it could not taxi back to the tarmac.

Chronicle NG reports that it took about 40 minutes for the fire service and towing service to arrive after some passengers said they saw smoke.

As at press time, the plane was towed at a snail speed back to the tarmac.

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